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Personal Network

Tribes is designed to be personal. There are no online profiles and no user search. Connect to your friends via a private QR code.

Finite Inbox

Tribes is not designed to trap you in an infinite feed. Only active posts and messages are presented in your inbox.                

Connect via Interests

Build your profile by choosing from over 20 interests. Assign them to posts to only reach those who are interested.

Explore your Archive

Archive interesting posts and conversations. Find valuable information by using the search.                                            

Personal Network

Most social networks have more or less public online profiles. Profiles are used to present yourself and find others to follow. This design is intuitive but it encourages the network to be rather public than personal. Presenting yourself to possibly millions of others makes you create an online version of you that differs from the real you.

Tribes has no online profiles. Other users only see your name and your profile pic. There is no search for users. The only way to connect is via a QR-Code that changes everytime you make a connection with someone.

Build your tribe.

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